Fine plate of Tuscan Cold Cuts with Canapès and Bruschetta in olive oil EVO IGP AD 1-9-12
€ 16,00

Selection of local Cheese DOP paired with fresh or dehydrated Fruit with artisanal Compotes AD 7
€ 17,00

Knife-point chopped Razza Maremmana Slow-Food presidium and its condiments
€ 15,00

Small savory Pie with vegetables on its cream and Bruschetta 1-3-7
€ 15,00

Grilled Octopus Tentacle* Legume Cream and Glazed Cedar Peel 4
€ 18,00

Zucchini flowers stuffed with creamed cod with potatoes and pistachio pesto 2-3-4
€ 19,00

Noble Seafood Dish with selection of Raw and Processed Fish 2-4-14
€ 20,00

Half board supplement for seafood starters €5.00

Compose your First course

Fresh homemade Pasta of your choice gluten free too:

Tortelloni Maremmani (Ricotta and Spinach) 1-3-7

Pici (handmade water and flour) 1

Pappardelle (thin and rough pastry) 1-3

Potato dumplings (steam cooking) 1-3

Our Sauces to pair with Pasta:

Artisan butter flavoured with clary sage 7
€ 16,00

Slow-cooked Restricted Tuscan Ragout 9-12
€ 16,00

Etrusco with Pendolino tomatoes and Aglione della Chiana IGT
€ 16,00

White Ragout with Cinta selvatica meat with Pitigliano Superiore DOC wine and Ramerino 9
€ 16,00

Paccheri pasta with Prawns and calamari fresh from the Mediterranean sea 1-2-3-4
€ 20,00

Pici in Nero with Cacio di Caterina il Fiorino, Sichuan pepper and Orbetello mullet bottarga, slow-food presidium 1-3-4
€ 19,00

Cappasanta Ravioli* with fresh Pachino Pachino Burrata Stracciatella and Tuna Kazuobushi 1-3-14
€ 18,00

Half board supplement for Seafood First Courses €5.00

Main Courses

Wild Boar Bites on Crystal Bread and Moraiola Olive 9-12
€ 18,00

Sliced ​​Chianina Consortium 5R 200 gr. with EVO IGP AD oil and julienne of steamed vegetables
€ 11,00/hg

Slice of grilled black wild pig and smoked aubergine foam
€ 17,00

Homemade Seitan fillet and roasted Porcino Cappella 1-3-7
€ 20,00

Fish of the Day with Vegetable Make-up 4-9-10
€ 21,00

Prawns* from Argentario with aromatic herbs, Romesco sauce and baked potato 1-2-5-6-8-10
€ 22,00

Sesame crusted tuna with chickpea hummus, pepper cream and masala kurry 1-4-10-11
€ 22,00

Half board supplement for Seafood Second Courses €5.00

Side dishes to match

Pulses AD in olive oil EVO IGP
Baked potatoes
Seasonal mixed Salad
Pan-cooked Vegetable 9


Everonal y day our Chef prepares delicious sweets all to discover
Ask please our Staff..
€ 8,00

Service € 3,00

Half board includes two courses for each guest choosing from land dishes, while the choice of sea dishes involves a supplement of €5.00 for each course.
*Frozen product

Information regarding the presence of allergens in foods, pursuant to EU Regulation 1169/2011

  • [1] Cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridized strains)
  • [2] Crustaceans and derivatives
  • [3] Eggs and derivatives
  • [4] Fish and derivatives
  • [5] Peanuts and derivatives
  • [6] Soya and derivatives
  • [7] Milk and dairy products
  • [8] Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pistachios)
  • [9] Celery and derivatives
  • [10] Mustard and derivatives
  • [11] Sesame and derivatives
  • [12] Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations greater than 10 mg/kg or mg/l
  • [13] Lupines and derivatives
  • [14] Molluscs and derivatives

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